November History of W-ELCA


Holmen Lutheran just experienced another successful Meatball Dinner in October, which produced more than $2,000 profit for church and community causes.  As we turn to November and anticipate Thanksgiving, we think about our many blessings– among them, adequate food.


Through the years, Holmen Lutheran women have periodically gathered to cook large dinners to benefit worthwhile causes.  Prior to 1950, Holmen Lutheran women cooked for Mission Fest Dinners.  During the 1970’s, faithful women like Leona Tolvstad, Helen Tolvstad, and Mildred Casberg organized and helped serve dinners for more than 100 people at a time.


In 1972, for example, Holmen Lutheran women served dinners for the Holmen High School Honors Banquet, the Mother and Daughter Banquet, the Athletic Banquet, and the Federation of Lutheran Men, in addition to the Lions Club meetings on Monday nights.  At this time, women of the church were divided into work groups to help serve meals with approximately 20 work groups of 20 women in each.


Proceeds from the dinners served by Holmen Lutheran Women benefited many worthwhile causes.  According to Ladies Aid minutes from 1972, the following organizations received donations at the end of the year from Holmen Lutheran Women.

Lutheran Social Services, Rapid City (South Dakota) flood relief, Bethany Home, Bible Campers, Norwegian Seamen’s Mission, Ephephatha, Dr. Surrender Singh’s school in India, American Bible Society, Campus Center, the Church Library, and the Sunday School.


Church work groups gave way to a Funeral Committee in 2000, and in 2005, Holmen Lutheran women hosted the first Meatball Dinner.  We give thanks to organizers –Ellen Hesselberg, Donna Drugan, Sandy Gilbertson, Bonnie Page, and Judy Hoffman, along with  many youth and adult volunteers who helped feed more than 200 people at each dinner thus far.


For food and for those who prepare and serve it, we are most thankful.