January History of W-ELCA

HLC Women and Song


Martin Luther’s emphasis on singing praises to the Lord resulted in many high notes for Holmen Lutheran.


In 1951, Mrs. E. T. Anderson, wife of Pastor Anderson, began a Women’s Chorus and directed the chorus while her husband served HLC.  About the same time, Minnie Knutson, directed a Girls Chorus to which several current members of HLC belonged.

Luella Skogen accompanied the Girls’ Chorus




















In 1955, a vocal triple trio was organized by Marge (Mrs. Robert C.) Johnson to sing at Ladies Aid meetings, and on occasion, to present entire programs of music and narration.  Always maintaining nine singers for the soprano, second soprano, and alto parts, the personnel changed when someone moved away or had other commitments.  During the years of the triple trio’s existence, singers included Mmes. Dottie Hanson, Mrs. Hoyt, Marge (Mrs. Wayne) Johnson, Kathryn Knutson, Marge Lee, Dorothy Mickelberg, Leatrice Moe, Elaine Nelson, Audrey Olsen, Eloda Ronnie, Louise Sacia, Helen Solberg, Pauline Van Dunk, and Darlene Wall.  Marge Johnson was always one of the singers in addition to directing.  Connie Carson did the piano accompaniment for the Triple Trio.


At the dedication of Holmen Lutheran’s new church on Sept. 18, 1955, the Triple Trio and the Girls’ Chorus joined the Men’s Chorus and the Children’s Chorus to give thanks in song.


During the 1960’s, Sedona Berntson, wife of Pastor Norman Berntson, began a Children’s Choir, which inspired several members to pursue their love of music into their adult years. Betty (Wall) Baird, Becky (Granum) Weber, and Bonnie (Cook) Tolvstad encouraged their own children and other people’s children to belong to choir because of positive childhood experiences of their own.


During the past 25 years, the trend for more choirs and musical groups was toward co-ed.  Holmen Lutheran has been blessed with the “Joyful Sound,” the “Holmen Community Chorus,” and the “Acts (Accentuating  Christ Through Song) Band,” contributing music to worship services and community events.


The most recent group to form at Holmen Lutheran is “Sisters in Song,” with Lori Toso, Lu Pertzsch, and Sandra Gilbertson blending their voices in thanks and praise.


Throughout the years, Holmen Lutheran women have carried on the tradition of making a joyful noise unto the Lord.