March History of W-ELCA

With Easter coming in March this year, the Ladies Aid History Committee is focusing on the important work of the Altar Guild to our services.  Through the years, Altar Guild members have been caretakers of the altar and its furnishings, have taken care of any flowers, and have ordered supplies, prepared, and set up communion for church services.


1939    In 1939, a group of young women called the Dorcas Society organized, with

Gretchen Erickson the first president and Louise Jostad (Sacia) the first

secretary-treasurer.  The group met monthly in homes to share their faith and to

make offerings to support the altar needs.  Dorcas Society was active into the



1950    In April, 1950, the Ladies Aid voted to buy a communion set for the church.

A notation in a record book dated January 22, 1953 (after the church burned down) says, “the communion set that was in the Sacristy was saved along with Sunday School records, books, and bookcases.”



1958    Mary of Bethany Altar Guild consisted of three officers—president, secretary, and treasurer plus three committees of women.  Flower Committee – 5 women, Sacrament Committee – 5 women, Altar and Linen Committee – 4 women. Total – 17 women.


1975      Holmen Lutheran budgeted $150 for the Altar Guild for the year.



1980    Altar Guild had 32 members. The treasury had $248.56.



1999    Mary of Bethany Altar Guild met quarterly in January, April, July and October.   The treasury had $424.55.



2012    Mary of Bethany Altar Guild met annually in October.   Each member was responsible for one month’s services during the year. Members include:

Pat Allers, president; Rita Granum, secretary/treasurer; Debra Sacia,  Tom

Jones, Mary Jones, Marilyn Cottrell, Paulette Coleman, Karen Spreuer, Helen

Nelson, Ann Thompson, Joyce Pryor, Marlene Adamson, Theresa Gentry,

Karen Johnson, and Penny Anderson.


Thank you to all members for your faithful service.