April History of W-ELCA

April Ladies Aid Topic – Christian Literature

This story about a Ladies Aid project is actually about stories themselves.  In 1945, nearly 70 years ago, Holmen Lutheran Ladies Aid had a “Reading Project.”  According to their records, the Reading Project sought to encourage and stimulate interest in the reading of good Christian literature.


There were 33 books in the church library at the time. Additional books could be borrowed from the Loan Library of the Women’s Missionary Federation (WMF), an auxiliary of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. To finance the purchase of new books for the Holmen Lutheran library, Ladies Aid members could make free will donations.


Mrs. Harold Johnson, secretary of the Ladies Aid in 1945, reported that during the year, 54 Ladies Aid members had read a total of 143 books.  That was almost three books per reader.


Taking the reading challenge in 2013, the Ladies Aid history committee would like to encourage adults and youth to check out a book or audio from our church library this year.  According to Sharon Scholze, chairperson of the library committee, here are some

great stories to read.


  • Did you ever imagine what the Roman soldiers did with Jesus’ seamless robe, the prize they gambled for during the Crucifixion?  Read The Robe, a fictional story by Lloyd C. Douglas that follows the early Christians after Good Friday and Easter.


  • For suspense or mystery, adults and teens might like Terry Blackstone’s True Light or one of the Sugar Creek Gang mystery series books.


  • An Easter story that parents can read to their children is That’s My Colt.  (Look in the hallway of the Education Building for that book.)


  • Need inspiration?  Chicken Soup for the Soul or We Brake for Jesus books are waiting  to brighten your day.


From 33 books in 1945, our library now has more than 1,000 books.  That is nearly a 3,000 per cent increase in reading materials, thanks to personal memorials and donations from W-ELCA.  In addition, we now have a comfortable reading nook that the library committee was able to create with memorials from Janet Scholze and from Walter Weihrouch and the yearly donation from W-ELCA.


With gratitude for the vision of the Ladies Aid “Reading Project” nearly 70 years ago and for all those who supported our library through the years, we invite you to check out some of the special stories provided just for you.