May History of W-ELCA

Mother-Daughter Banquets Through the Years

The basic format for Mother-Daughter Banquets during the 1950s and 60s featured a female speaker, along with musical selections performed by youth and/or adults from our church.

Recorded in the May, 1953 minutes was Ione Wines’ name as guest speaker at the May 14th banquet but also that Ladies Aid members had sold enough Watkins products to earn them two electric roasters for the church kitchen.

In the 1960s, Mother-Daughter banquets included the formal introduction of female senior confirmands. Chefs at the May 6, 1964 banquet were Mrs. Walter Tolvstad, Mrs. Chris Johnson, and Mrs. Leonard Tolvstad.

The following year, Mrs. Mabel Hanson replaced Mrs. Chris Johnson as one of the chefs, along with Mrs. Walter Tolvstad and Mrs. Leonard Tolvstad.

During the 1970s, the Mother-Daughter Banquets included more program themes that appealed to youngsters and adults.

In 1972, the program at the banquet was a Charlie Brown skit, created by Judy Hoffman and Pauline Van Dunk, based on Charles Schulz cartoons.  Sharon Anderson played Snoopy, Judy played Charlie Brown, Pauline played Peppermint Patty, Linda Betts played Linus, and Jan Zibrowski played Lucy.  Since Schulz’s cartoons contained many Christian themes, the skit was very popular and was performed at many different churches.

In 1977 and in 1978, food at the Mother-Daughter Banquets switched from full-course dinners on a week day to Salad Luncheons on Saturdays.  A ticket to the April 30, 1977 banquet was just 50 cents, along with the donation of one salad per family unit. That year was also the first year with new work groups who worked in the kitchen to prepare and clean up after the banquet.

In 1983, a very popular program for the May 5th banquet was a style show of old wedding dresses, modeled by mothers and daughters from our congregation.

On May 3, 1984, the program was “Hats Off to Mothers,” and attendees wore antique, modern, traditional, or hats from other countries.

On May 2, 1985, the program was “My Mother’s Hands,” a slide show by Ron and Frieda Nowland.  Pastor Ron Nowland is now retired from Bells Coulee Church.

The HLC Handbell Choir and the Vocal Jazz group from Holmen High School performed at the May 9th, 1991 banquet.  Three work groups prepared the food and cleaned up.  Men from the congregation served the food.

A shift away from having women prepare the meal occurred in 1992 when the group decided to hire Kerry Gilbertson as caterer for the May 7th banquet.  Men served and cleaned up, too.  Tickets were $4.50 for adults.

In 1994, the program on May 5th was given by our Holmen youth with special music by Anne Hanson, Miss Holmen.

“Hats Off to Mothers,” a theme from a banquet 11 years earlier, was repeated on May, 4, 1995.  This time, the program featured the popular speaker and TV star from rural Iowa, Alvina Sellers.  Called the “Hat Lady” because she owned more than 3,000 hats, Alvina presented an entertaining program.  Four work groups worked in the kitchen, and the men served the food.  Attendees wore all types of hats, which were judged by the men.

In 1998, Darlene Mueller, from the Doll Museum in La Crosse, presented the program on May 1.  Tickets were $5.50 for adults and $2.50 for children, ages 2-10.

A “Vintage Clothing Style Show” attracted a good crowd at the April 30, 1999 banquet .

Vintage hats were modeled by Sheri Skaff.  Trygve Mathison provided the music for the show.

On April 28, 2000, women were served a roast chicken dinner, catered by Pogy’s Catering of La Crosse.  Tickets were $6 for adults, and $4 for children.

A popular local children’s musician, Hans Mayer, presented the program on April 28, 2001, with 105 people attending

In more than 60 years of Mother-Daughter Banquets at Holmen Lutheran Church, our many different programs were planned to meet the changing tastes of each generation.  The one constant that remained was the fellowship among the women through the years.

Thank you for reading about the activities and service projects of HLC’s Ladies Aid through the years.  The history committee will take a break for the summer months.