Service Ministries


Food Cupboard

A very limited quantity of donated food items, mostly non-perishable, are normally available here in our small “Food Cupboard” for persons with immediate food needs.  A volunteer regularly goes through these items, rearranges them, and takes the rest to one of our area food pantries—either the one at St. Elizabeth’s in Holmen or the one in Onalaska.

Rotary Lights

Holmen Lutheran volunteers help set up the huge light display and decorate our own Holmen Lutheran tree at the annual Rotary Lights at Riverside Park in La Crosse.  In exchange, we receive part of the food collected on one of the nights the park display is open.  On our designated night, we pick up the food items and use it for our Christmas Food Basket Distribution.  Upon wrap up of Rotary Lights, we also receive a check for a couple hundred dollars.  This along with the food items greatly expands what we have to give out.


DivorceCare, a seminar and support group that features nationally recognized experts on divorce and recovery topics.  Seminar sessions include Facing Your Anger, Facing Your Loneliness, Depression, New Relationships, and Forgiveness.

 Habitat for Humanity

The House of Hope is Habitat for Humanity’s signature fundraiser for the year. Boards are displayed during the months of Septmeber and October at sponsor locations – including Holmen Lutheran.  Members can sign their name on the board and make a donation of $1 or more.  The signed boards and all of the money raised are used to build the House of Hope in partnership with a low-income family in need of a decent, affordable house.

Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat

This event brings together youth and adults from Holmen Lutheran Church, Holmen High School and three other area churches to trick or treat for canned goods to help families in need in the Holmen school district.  Approximately 175 people trick or treat each year collecting close to $8000 worth of food.  It is a wonderful event and all are welcome to participate.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The prayer shawls knit by members of Holmen Lutheran are soft yarn shawls, simple to make.  There is a prayer woven with each stitch.  The shawls are then available as gifts for persons suffering illness or grief—for whom they become warm reminders of God’s love surrounding them, and the prayers and support of our faith community.


Stephen Ministry

This is a nationally recognized ministry in which caring persons reach out to an individual going through some crisis in their life.  After extensive training, each ‘care giver’ is paired up with a ‘care receiver.’  With God’s guidance, volunteer ‘Stephen Ministers’ are led through a journey of listening and ‘being there’ for the person in need—becoming truly God’s love in action.

 Meal Ministry

The team’s mission is to offer meals on a short-term basis to support individuals or families challenged by any difficult times such as illness, loss of a job, deployment of a spouse, hospitalization, or accident.  A schedule of days to provide meals is determined and then the meal ministry team is contacted to help.

 Caring Tree

The Caring Tree helps those children in the Holmen School District who are in need of Christmas gifts.  Each child (names are kept confidential) has two tags on the tree, one for a fun item and one for a clothing item.  Holmen Lutheran Church members and others from the community take tags off the tree, purchase the item(s) listed, wrap the gifts, bring them to the church, and then the Service Ministry Team and other volunteers distribute them to the families the day of the Christmas Basket Distribution.

 Food Baskets

There are two food basket distributions—one in the fall (before Thanksgiving) and a second before Christmas.  For the Fall Distribution, non-perishable items are collected from the “Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat” event and sorted onto tables in the fellowship hall.   Families in need of food are invited to come on November 1st, where volunteers assist them at each table and help get their bagged food to their cars.

Items remaining after the Fall Food Distribution, and ones received from the Rotary Lights “Holmen Lutheran Night,” are used for the Christmas Distribution.  (With some perishable items added by the Salvation Army.)  Families are again invited here to our fellowship hall where volunteers assist in a discrete, confidential manner.